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The obsessions of a very-obsessed designer, with never-ending variations, but deep-rooted principles through trends and decades. They depaint very rich and unique style.

Obsession #3 : Tubular cords

I use them as belts, with more texture and depth.
Then it becomes a versatile sharp: scarf tubular cord, belt tubular cord, cuff tubular cord, neck tubular cord, tubular cord seam.
It’s not solely an ornement. It has a purpose. That’s what I always try to do.

Obsession #2 : Brown

I’ve always loved brown, this unloved color. All browns, like those used in Constant Permeke’s portraits of farmers. It reminds me of Belgium and its worker houses.

Obsession #1 : Gathers

One of my obsessions is gathers. They give the garment a shape, some thickness and weight. They give structure. I wanted to do draping, but gathers are my version of draping, it’s more graphic. Sometimes I put a drawstring inside of them. It then becomes an adjustable gather, and the garment can be transformed: you create volume or you remove it.